Monday, August 23, 2010

July 23, 2010 - Moving

We are finally moved of our house, which is a relief, but the moving process really sucked.

Luckily my dad gave us some money to hire some movers and that saved us a lot of time. Unfortunately, in the end, it cost us double what we were quoted which resulted in really crappy tip. I guess, to teach us a lesson, they left all their trash in our new front yard.

Angela's family helped with the move a bunch too. Her stepdad, Jose (pictured in the comic) moved a huge bulk of our really heavy materials and saved the both of us a ton of time. He's a beast of a mover and don't know where he gets all his energy cause by the end of the day I was completely out of it and I did like 1/10th of the lifting he did. Fortunately we got all our stuff moved in and now we have to worry about the long unpacking process.

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