Monday, August 30, 2010

August 26, 2010 - Biking to japan town from our new house

So we're finally moved in and enjoying the downtown environment.
Biking around downtown is great and also being much closer to all my friends is an added bonus. So we were biking to Japan town to get a bite to eat when we realized that our tires were flat. The movers we hired deflated all the bike tires so they wouldn't pop them in the move but we forgot to take our bike pump with us from the old house! We had to bike several blocks to our nearest gas station to pump them up and had burning thighs all the way.
We are definitely having fun in downtown though! Unpacking is a bitch but I can't wait till the house is all set up so we can have a party at the new place. That probably won't happen though till after the wedding and honeymoon when the owner of the house removes are ugly red carpet and we can have that glorious oak floor exposed and that nasty old lady smell thats trapped in its fibers out.