Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Arbitrary Sunday

This past Sunday I was hanging out with Angela and her family cause her younger sister, Crystal, came home from the army on leave. The house was packed with women, the exception being her grandpa and myself. I was super bored, as usual, since her grandparents watch spanish soap operas on the living room TV, where I play video games, when ever they come over. To pass the time by, I spent the afternoon making stickers out of small drawings I create on illustration board. Once Angela's 9 year old sister and her nieces figured out what I was doing they naturally wanted to make their own. While all this is happening I caught wind of a conversation Angela, her mom and grandma were having about buying bras at Nordstrom. Not sure what happened next but I hear the phrase yelled out,
"Grandma...I can see your nipple!"
I wasn't really sure what that sentence was pertaining to but I really do wish there were more males to hang out within her family. Sounds really gay out of context but in context I'm sure it makes much more sense.

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