Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Suit Shopping For the Groomsmen

So on Sunday I went shopping with Angela, her mom and her sisters to look for some suits for my groomsmen. It was sort of an odd experience since they made me try the suits on even though I wasn't gonna be the one wearing it. To try on the suits, I had to wear one of those fake dress shirts with no sleeves or backing and baggy dress pants which I'm no longer used to since I've been doing the whole skinny jeans thing for a while now. What also made the situation awkward was that I kept having to be remeasured. Probably because of my tiny man's frame that's more akin to a chubby 7th grader than that of a 28 year old man.

The tailor/salesman didn't really make a pass at me or anything like that (I just though it would make the comic a little funnier) but he was definitely a weird character. He was a little hyper and had overtly spikey hair and reminded me a little of a lanky sonic the hedgehog. I wonder if Angela's dress fitting was anything like this.

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