Thursday, July 8, 2010


The night of the show I got a text message from Bella saying that the bouncer at the door was telling people that the show was canceled. I wasn't really sure how that was possible and chocked it up to a misunderstanding at the door. How could the bouncer have thought that the show was canceled when it was so obviously not? There were musicians coming in and out of the venue and he was there all week while we laboriously hung our pieces.
Later in the night I went outside to rest my ears from the loud music and yelling patrons to have a cigarette when three young ladies come to the entrance where they were met by the bouncer. They asked him if the art show was being held there or not and he promptly replied "the show is canceled". As I turned in disbelief of what was actually happening, anger and frustration from all the work putting the show together began to boil over.

I yelled, "are you fucking kidding me?!! Please don't tell people that! You know damn well there's a show tonight. you saw the bands coming in and you saw us hanging our pieces all week!"

To which he replied,
"doesn't mean if there are paintings on the wall, there's a show tonight."

{sarcasm} There's no arguing with that right?{sarcasm}
I ended up having to grab the flyer for the show to show him there was an actual show that night. I can't believe that this guy almost ruined a night that I worked to put together for months. Fortunately the show was a blast. Hopefully some people end up selling some stuff and some others start there careers as fine artists.

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